Parkview Development sponsors Tu Tangi Ora Waka Ama

September 4, 2019

The team behind the Parkview Development are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the Tu Tangi Ora Waka Ama team.

The Waka Ama is a single-hulled outrigger canoe. The design of the modern-day Waka Ama is derived from the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe and goes by various names across different pacific island nations.

Waka Ama racing in New Zealand is heavily steeped in the Maori history and traditions of waka sailing and voyaging. The core values of Waka Ama in New Zealand are Manaakitanga (reciprocity and inclusivity), Hauora (wellbeing), Whanauungatanga (belonging, identity and collective strength) and Tū Tangata (accountability, respect, integrity and passion).

The Waka Ama is therefore considered a vehicle of identity, pride and community, and the sport itself fosters a culture of sharing, building and maintaining positive relationships with fellow paddlers, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and treating others with respect. 

There are a number of Waka Ama clubs across the country, one being the Tu Tangi Ora Waka Ama club founded in 2008 to service Helensville and the wider Kaipara area. Tu Tangi Ora Waka Ama is closely aligned with students from Kaipara College who have enjoyed both National and International success over the years

In 2016, Kaipara College received the prestigious Putu Mihaka Award at the National Secondary School Waka Ama Championships for displaying “all the values that this event epitomises”, whakawhanaungatanga ​ (establishing relationships, relating well to others), manaakitanga ​(kindness, hospitality) ​ and awhi ​(helpfulness, embrace). 

The Parkview Development team looks forward to supporting Tu Tangi Ora Waka Ama in promoting and encouraging the core values of Waka Ama and driving the continued success of Helensville’s Waka Ama paddlers.

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