Ultra-fast broadband is coming to Helensville this year

March 29, 2018

Helensville is the next cab off the rank in the Government’s ultra-fast broadband roll out programme, with surrounding areas in North West Auckland following shortly after.

The roll out means every one of Helensville’s homes and business will have access to the same internet speed and more reliable connectivity enjoyed by homes and businesses in central Auckland. Work will be completed by February 2019, although some areas will be able to connect much sooner (Parkview Helensville already has ultra-fast broadband provided to every residence).

North West Auckland is experiencing rapid growth, with more than 20,000 new jobs expected to be added to the region in the coming decades. Faster, more reliable internet will drive economic prosperity by improving business’ productivity, lowering their costs, and giving greater flexibility for people to work locally or from home.

And it’s not just businesses and their employees who’ll benefit. Studies have shown that access to ultra-fast broadband results in better healthcare and higher achievement levels in education. Not to mention uninterrupted Netflix and clearer Skype calls to the grandkids!

At Parkview Helensville, you can enjoy a small town life without giving up the big city. Read more about homes for sale here.

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